Program & Event Registration

All University-Sponsored Programs involving Minors must register annually with the Office of Youth Safety prior to commencing Program operations.  Programs must be registered within sufficient time to meet the requirements of this Policy, but no later than 60 days before the Program start date.

  1. Sign in to the Office of Youth Safety Registration System using your UA NET ID and password.
  2. From the My Programs/Activities page, click Create New Program/Activity.
  3. Complete the Registration Survey and click Register Program/Activity. Additional questions will appear based on your responses. If you are unsure if the program/activity needs to be registered, contact the Office of Youth Safety at (520) 621-8223.
  4. Enter the Program/Activity Information and click Next.
  5. Review the Program/Activity Information. After making any changes, click Save Session.
  6. Click on Participant Sample CSV file and open the file.
  7. Enter participant information.
  8. Save completed file to your computer. Important: Save file as CSV file.
  9. Click on icon under # Enrolled Participants.
  10. Choose Participant Excel CSV file you just saved. Upload File.
  11. Check top left box. Click “Save Selected Records to Session”
  12. Scroll to top of page. Click Previous.
  13. Scroll to top of page. Click Return.

    Steps 15-16: Enter Program Staff Information

  14. Click on “Program Staff Sample CSV.”
  15. Repeat Steps 6-12 to enter and upload Program Staff Information.
  16. Scroll to bottom of page.
  17. Initial acknowledgement of background check and training requirements.
  18. Click Next.
  19. Review Program Information. If correct, click “Submit for Approval”

Printable version of the registration

Youth Program Registration

Youth Program Registration

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