The University of Arizona is committed to promoting the safety and well-being of individuals who visit or use its campus or other facilities for any reason. The purpose of this Policy is to establish reasonable and flexible safeguards for official University programs or activities open for participation by Minors.

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The Interactions with Non-Enrolled Minors Policy applies to organized University programs and activities that are supervised exclusively by University employees or others authorized to act in a custodial capacity on the University’s behalf for the benefit of individuals under the age of 18 (Minors).

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Sponsoring or hosting a program or event involving Minors requires a great degree of planning and preparation.  This Toolkit is meant to assist you in complying with the University’s Interactions with Non-enrolled Minors Policy.

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Authorized Representatives must successfully complete the University’s online Youth Safety Training for Authorized Representatives before interacting with Minors and on an annual basis.