Youth Safety Training

Authorized Adults must successfully complete the University’s free online Youth Safety Training for Authorized Adults before interacting with Minors and on an annual basis thereafter. Successful completion means receiving a passing score of 80% or above on a comprehensive assessment.

  1. Login to D2L.
  2. Click the Discover link.
  3. Select Student Affairs - Youth Safety Training.
  4. Click Register.
  5. Click Submit. (Your name and email will populate automatically)
  6. Click Finish. (Your name and email will populate automatically)
  7. Click Go to course offering Youth Safety Training for Authorized Adults.
  8. Click Content.
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click Training Module.
  10. You are now ready to begin the course. Ensure your speakers are on and follow the directions to progress through the five modules and complete the 20 question quiz at the end of the training
    • You must score 80% or higher on the final quiz to earn credit for the course. (2 quiz attempts permitted)
  11. Once you have successfully completed the quiz, you will be prompted to view your Certificate of Completion
    • When prompted, click View Awards.
  12. Click Generate Certificate to generate a PDF of your Certificate of Completion. Open the PDF.
  13. Save the PDF of your Certificate of Completion.
  14. Provide your supervisor/program director with a copy of your Certificate of Completion (email or hard copy).
    • You may generate another copy of your certificate at a later time by logging back into the course and clicking on Awards in the course menu bar.

For technical issues, please contact:

D2L Support Team
Visit the D2L Help page

For course-related questions, please contact:

Office of Youth Safety